Internship Program

We offer the opportunity to learn software development, gain work experience and get on overview about how a multinational IT company operates, providing access to all the tools, processes and best practices we follow. Our internship programs are in the area of mobile development, where you can choose between specialising in iOS or Android, also in the areas of C++, QT, Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Automation and Web Development. To those who finish our internship programs successfully, we offer the opportunity for part time or full time employment.

Develop new skills

Join one of our workshops and learn technologies you are passionate about. Based on your technical background and personal goals we can help you identify the right direction.

Gain practical experience

Use this opportunity to learn software development on projects released to millions of users. Most of the students have experience with working on small complexity university projects. By working on real projects you can bring your skills to the next level.

Gain confidence in your abilities

Get hands-on experience. Apply the knowledge you got from classes to real world projects.

Learn from professionals

As an intern, you are surrounded by professionals. This is the opportunity to learn from everyone around you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, follow their suggestions and gather as much knowledge as possible.

Start a potential career at Telenav

Test your knowledge in the area of mobile development, quality assurance or Web development. Experience what it means to be an iOS or Android developer. Explore different career paths.


  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of design patterns
  • Knowledge in the field of Object-Oriented Software Development
  • Technical or computer science background or a similar qualification
  • Good communication skills (English) are required (both verbal and written)
  • Experience with iOS or Android development is a plus

If you want to join one of our internship programs, don't hesitate to contact us.